Accept and sell cryptocurrency without any risk 

The easiest way for merchants to accumulate and profit from cryptocurrencies

Accept and sell cryptocurrency without any risk

The easiest way for merchants to accumulate and profit from cryptocurrencies

Blkpay helps merchants:

Accumulate crypto by accepting it in-store

Accept a variety of cryptocurrencies directly in-store for products with fiat prices.

Take advantage of the crypto economy without risk

With Blkpay’s ‘price-lock’ guarantee, tap on the $500 billion growing crypto market and sell your crypto for a profit.

Price-lock* for payments

Blkpay’s proprietary Price-Lock system lets merchants transact cryptocurrency at preferred prices by removing unexpected volatility when receiving or selling cryptocurrency

No more worrying about receiving cryptocurrency today and watching the price dip tomorrow. You can ‘price-lock’ the rate of cryptocurrency you receive today and convert it to your home currency tomorrow at the same rate regardless of fluctuations..

Built to help merchants win in the crypto-economy

Blkpay helps you save money and make a profit by accepting cryptocurrency in your store

Accept most major cryptocurrencies

Blkpay lets you accept most major cryptocurrencies that are tradable on exchange

Decentralized payment processing

Blkpay is not affiliate with any banks of exchange so merchants can avoid bank account risks

Seamless payments with low or no fees

Merchants can look forward to paying competitive fees at only 1% per transaction

Convert accumulated crypto back to fiat

The crypto you collect can be converted back to your home currency using Blkpay’s system

Avoid crypto volatility

With Blkpay’s ‘price-lock’ guarantee, merchants can look forward to fixed rates on currencies sold

How it works

Merchants can use Blkpay to sell existing products for crypto

1. Accept crypto directly in-store

Buyers pay for an item in a store using their existing wallet applications by generating a QR code.

2. Live-conversion happens automatically

The Blkpay instantly calculates the crypto-equivalent price in your home currency and customers can review before paying in real-time.

3.  Securely store cryptocurrencies to in-app wallet

Merchant’s crypto wallet gets credited with billed cryptocurrency instantly.

4.Turn cryptocurrency
accumulated into dollars

Blkpay allows merchants to determine a commission rate up to 2% above fixed prices to sell crypto for fiat currency. Consumers interested in buying crypto can find merchants on the Blkpay app with location pins and directions.

5. Process more transactions and get rewarded with more crypto

To promote a decentralised ecosystem, Blkpay rewards merchants with high transaction volume with 0.5% per month in cryptocurrency of choice.

Blkpay accepts most major cryptocurrencies

and works with most cryptocurrency wallets

Start profiting from the crypto economy

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